Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm a detective in my spare time.

Yeah it's 6am on a Sunday and I am awake. Finals week, you know.

Any way I got up this morning to an email that said "Application Status Update". Thank you blackberry :). I was puzzled. Wait a minute I didn't get anything the in the mail telling me my toolkit user name and password, how am I supposed to check this! (not like there was anything to actually check since my app is withdrawn, and you already know how sad I am because of that). Granted I haven't been to my moms house in a few days and she doesn't check the mail so who the hell knows. After some hardcore detective work a.k.a. going to the website and clicking "forgot password" I logged in. Again not that it told me anything I didn't know but it makes me excited!

17 days until my application is reactivated!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is it June yet?

This is how I feel.

I am sitting here trying to study for my physics final tomorrow and trying to understand quantum theory and that is just not working out for me. I know everything else, just not this quantum crap. It's stressing me out. I had a paper due tomorrow too but I got and extension on that until Friday. I'm working Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and have one more final on Monday. I am just so ready to be done with school. Plus I just want to be started with this application process. I want it to be June so my application can be reactivated. I want my application to be in the hands of someone. I want to be stalking my e-mail for news. I want my phone to be on me at all times in the case the my recruiter calls me with any kind of news. I want to be friends with the mail man because I'm sitting outside at 3 pm everyday wait to see if he has anything from PC for me. I want to have my interview, I have so many freaking questions! I want to be at doctors offices on the days I have off from work this summer filling out my med packet. I AM READY FOR THIS AND I WANT TO DO IT. I guess patience needs to be learned, but I'm just so excited!

Okay that was a nice little rant that I just needed to get out. Back to quantum theory and nuclear physics.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's a Homer Simpson kind of day.

I feel like such a n00b. I just got an e-mail from my recruiter...
  1. Since I can't leave till June 2012, I submitted my application too early and it has been withdrawn and I can reactivate in a month. Too eager for my own good. D'OH!
  2. My resume was in the wrong format... It was formatted nicely I guess just not the way they wanted? It's not like there was a template on the application. D'OH!
  3. I didn't submit all of information on certain legal matters. Apparently there was a form I was supposed to fill out that I couldn't find? D'OH! 
Regardless it was nice to hear from some one, she sent me an example of the format that she wanted my resume in and the forms I needed. I am also going to sign up for CPR and First Aid Certification classes so I can add that to my resume. But to sum things up D'OH! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th be with you...

So I hope that I have something to update today because it is Star Wars day and that's pretty freaking sweet. And I feel that the force is with me today so maybe I'll get my application packet in the mail today! Hey-yo! Another cool thing about submitting my application... I did it at the beginning of my GRAND DADDY POWER PERIOD with out even knowing it. Haha! Don't know what that is? Well you should. Basically it's a time during the year, every year, when something big happens in your life. It could be something awesome or something not so awesome. To find out when yours is click here.

Whether anything happens today or not.... it deserves a post.

I have been reading a lot of application timelines to try to get an idea of when to expect but they vary... a lot. Most people seem to get their application packet with in a week. The packet has a background check thing and a finger printing doohickey (yep that is a technical term). Also when reading other peoples timelines their references weren't done when they submitted their app... and all mine were. Plus I sent my transcripts in on Monday and it seems like a lot of people did that way later. I hope this works in my favor, it was not intentional but it can't hurt right? Maybe I'll get an interview faster? I know that I am going to have to do a lot of waiting... they haven't released their positions for June 2012 yet (which is when I am able to leave). So I guess that is just something I will have to get used to. It's just sad that it's only been 5 1/2 days and I expect something to be happening. I'm just excited!

Update 1: looks like they added my blog to Peace Corps Journals, check the link to read blogs of people applying (like me) and those already serving. This site has been a lot of help for me and I hope it will allow people who don't know much about the Corps to get an inside look.

Update 2: Nothing in the mail today. Keep it positive and focus on finals :)