Monday, June 20, 2011

Hey Budget Cuts... I Don't Like You. (Interview)

So the interview. I freaked out about what to wear but ended up wearing a simple button up and a pair of dress pants with some flats. I thought that I would be nervous about the interview but I was more excited than anything else. I needed to take nyquil to fall asleep because of the excitement and I woke up at like 6:30 this morning. I got off the metro at 10:45 and was way early since the interview was at 12. I just hung out and had some breakfast.

Waiting for Interview
The interview went well... for the most part. I had no reason to be nervous, it was like talking to a friend. My recruiter, who we will refer to as "B", is really nice. He said that he liked me, my head is in the right place and that I had a great attitude and personality! Which makes me hopeful. Unfortunately due to budget cuts PC has become a lot more competitive. He told me "If you had applied a year ago, I would be ready to nominate you." While these are encouraging words they also sting a bit. Stupid budget cuts. He said that I am great in person and need to work on looking better on paper. He said that he was willing to fight for me and I need to get some more experience in environmental teaching. He wants to nominate me for either environmental awareness and education or community development. I also asked about forestry as I am very close to fitting the requirements for that. And he send me a skill addendum so that I can state all the experience that I have. But lets focus on the positives, B liked me and we talked about nomination options.

So I'm still in it. Waiting. Working on being better on paper and getting as much stuff done as I can. BRING IT. I am in this for the long haul.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot Days, Melted Brains & Spaghetti Legs

Alright alright alright. Layout change, simple and nice. Plus I made a new header.

Well it has been hot as hell. Stupid rapture. I knew that it would mean that we would have a hot summer. Work at the garden center is proving to be good but very hot. Like the title says melted brains but we are getting some cool stuff in... like venus flytraps! They are so awesome, I have a terrarium of all carnivorous plants and it's really neat to watch them grow.
© BridgeBarn
Anyway. I got fingerprinted on Monday which was lawlish. The police officer was telling me about all the places I shouldn't go... it was cute. And I got an e-mail from the recruiting office telling me what paper work I need to turn in. Which was mailed in today... certified so I can track it. The next contact (assuming my fingerprints are okay, they looked weird) should be about my interview!

I would also like to share a quote with you. I see it all the time. It's on a print hanging in the bathroom at work. It's nice to look at as you pee and it makes me think.
Use what talents you possess: for the woods would be a very silent if no birds sang except the best.
- Henry Van Dyke

And just gonna throw this out there, but I would love for people to leave comments and subscribe. I would like to get to know people that are reading this blog. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Hope that everyone is doing well today, I feel great much better than yesterday. It is June 1.... which meanssss I e-mailed my recruiter and asked her to reactivate my junx. My pops help me with my resume so that is sounds oh so good. I am just glad to know that I am back in the game! School has ended and I have begun working full time at the garden center which has been a good distraction. However this 3 day 95 degree heat streak has not been very fun.

Now, I get to wait some more! I hope she e-mails me back today that would be exciting.

Some of you may also noticed that I changed the name of my blog to Bug Juice. Ode to the late 1990's TV show on Disney.   
Bug juice, it doesn't come in a jar.  
Bug juice comes from who you are.
Quick Update:  E-mail from who I thought was my recruiter... saying that  I have been assigned a recruiter. COOL! (6/2) Then tool kit update the morning of 6/3 which I woke up to at 5 am cause I forgot to turn my phone off. Application officially in. There is one thing that is weird to be though. All of my recommendations have already been submitted but it is not showing up on my tool kit. Maybe they have to read them first or something.

In other news the Red Cross is pissing me off. I signed up for a class and couldn't go because it was on the same day my bro bro was graduating. So they said I could transfer to another class but it has to be the exact same one... but they don't have the same one and the lady NEVER answers her damn phone.

I will leave you with an image of a Africa Daisy cause they are pretty and I took this picture.
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